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The planet is in trouble. Man-made climate change is turning our planet from the sole haven for life into an unlivable hotbox of poison, pollution, and disease. At times it can be easy to feel helpless, especially when the major governments and corporations of the world seem disinterested in doing anything to change our current course.

But this is not an article about doom and gloom. Today we’ll be talking about how small gadgets can be used to help reduce your personal impact on climate change – and often for a pretty reasonable price!



one blue marble affordable gadgets to help environment drones

Consumer drones are changing the world. On a large scale, quadcopters are being used to track endangered species and to keep a bird’s eye view on the greater effects of climate change. But many of the best drones under $150 (click here) are accessible to consumers and have a number of practical applications when it comes to saving the environment. You can use them to monitor your landscape, or to help you check for the effects of drought and other agricultural symptoms of global warming.

Affordable drones are completely safe – they run off of clean electricity, unlike traditional aircraft which use vast amounts of fossil fuel. And there are plenty of great options for beginners in case you’re new to this fast-growing and eco-friendly hobby. So if you want a good way to keep an eye on your property or you just want a fun, clean toy for you or your kids, drones are a great hobby for anyone.



Sun Power Charge Ports

one blue marble affordable gadgets to help environment sun power charge ports

We live in an age of technology; not one of us spends a day away from their phone, laptop, or tablet. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – after all, the rise of consumer electronics and the Internet has allowed us to stay connected with each other like never before. How else could you read this very article and learn all about the great eco-friendly gadgets you’re missing out on?

But technology requires power, more than ever before. You can reduce the amount of power you need with sun power charge ports, known more simply as solar chargers. These also usually cost less than $150 USD and can be used to power a laptop, phone, or other device with clean solar energy.



Water Pebbles

one blue marble affordable gadgets to help environment water pebbles

Another important environmental issue is water conservation. Conserving water is obviously important for droughts and water shortages, but they can also extend the life of your septic system, reduce soil saturation, and reduce pollution caused by leakage. And it can start with your (hopefully) regular showering habits – Americans use 1.2 trillion gallons of water a year when they shower, which is 17 percent of the country’s total water usage.

Enter the Water Pebble. This waterproof device sits near the drain in your shower and measures the amount of water that passes over it. It flashes green at the start, changing to amber when you’re halfway through and flashing red when it’s time to end your shower. It memorizes your usage and uses that information to shorten your next shower. This device is available for as low as $14 USD in some areas, and is an easy and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Of course, these are just a few of the great gadgets available to help you help the environment. You can even clean up your personal environment by taking a look at these air-purifiers. If there’s anything in particular that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments! And be sure to try these items out for yourself if you’re interested in making a personal difference in the future of our blue marble.