We hear talk of drones these days as cutting edge technology. They are used in war and in filming, which is common knowledge. What might be less known are the drones used to protect the environment.

drones protecthing environment

Preserving Wildlife

These drones can be used as a monitoring tool. That means that they hover over areas where people go out hunting. The images from the drone can be used later to protect against hunting parties that target endangered species or animals that are not supposed to be hunted in that area.

Going into Areas Easily and Undetected

Just like the movie “The Circle”, drones can go around giving real time information to professionals involved in environmental conservation. Although drones are not invisible, they are easy to maneuver, and then to get that information back to the people that need it. They are also more cost effective than sending out helicopters of people to get pictures. And of course, they are less easy to detect than people taking pictures from an aerial view.

Monitoring Work on the Environment

Also, the drones can be used to monitor natural landscapes. These days, there is a lot of talk about the glaciers melting due to global warming. It is easier to send drones to monitor conditions there than actually sending out teams of people. The same can be said with natural environments such as the rain forest. There is a lot of rain forest restoration work that needs to be done, and drones are the perfect tool to document how the efforts are going.

Studying Natural Patterns

Environmentalists keep tabs on all kinds of behaviors on earth, such as the migration patterns of birds. Drones make it easier to study the habits of earth’s inhabitants. They can conduct longitudinal data studies through tracking the wildlife.

As one can see, an invasion of drones does not mean war or too many amateur film directors. It can mean that professionals involved in earth’s conservation can more adeptly perform their jobs.